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The Evangelist

Written by James Roderick Burns

Narrated by Meredith Lyons

Rose is itching to get home and let the pencil loose on the page, but a chance encounter with a street evangelist changes her trajectory. Will she get the chance to etch the contours of his skin, or does the universe have other plans? Afterward, we talk with James Roderick Burns about how everyday encounters become small moments of inspiration that wend their way into his stories. You’ll also hear Rod’s passion for New York history, and specifically Anthony Comstock, founder of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice. Yep, it’s as interesting as it sounds! All audio, poetry, and story material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

A Concert for the Elephants

Written by Brad Buchanan

Narrated by Melissa Collings

Today’s show features a work of fusion by Brad Buchanan. Walk with Brad as he narrates a medical journey revealing interwoven links between life and poetry. Discover the unique medical battles he’s overcome only to face new challenges with his father’s strange symptoms. Afterward, we talk with Brad about the medical ordeal his life became, and how his wife, writing, and a lot of grit, helped him do more than just survive. All audio, poetry, and story material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

Ylang-Ylang and Selected Poems

Written by Sandra Newton

Narrated by Melissa Collings

On today’s show we hear five poems by Sandra Newton. Travel to faraway lands with memories that are not your own. Know the challenge of creating verse from thought. Disappear like the memories of childhood, and laugh at the loss brought by aging. Sandra’s poems explore the experience of being human with all its wonders and regrets. Afterward, she shares her journey to writing, which might include a stop in the middle-ages, and advice on improving your craft through determination. All audio, story, and poetry material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

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