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The Concrete and the Tree

Written by Skye Gilkerson

Narrated by Melissa Collings

On today’s show we talk with interdisciplinary artist, Skye Gilkerson. Her essay relays a personal journey revealing a parallel link between humanity’s connection with our planet and our bodies. During the interview, you’ll learn of Skye’s unique outlook on making both visual and prose art. She discusses burning her decades of journals as a form of creation, as well as the benefits of not completing your work. All audio, poetry, and story material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

Shrewd Women

Written by Lynn Hesse

Narrated by Meredith Lyons

After receiving repeated phone calls, messages, and inquiries asking to purchase her home, widowed Deloris sets out on a mission to deliver her own kind of justice to these phone spammers. What she discovers might surprise you. What she does about it reveals the true character of shrewd women. Afterward, we talk with Lynn about her previous work as a police lieutenant and how that influenced and impacted her writing. You’ll also hear how Lynn’s maverick ways, and role as one of the early women to take on police work, shaped her community and her personal life. All audio, poetry, and story material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

Selected Poems

Written by Elaine Sorrentino

Narrated by Melissa Collings

Today’s show feature five poems by Elaine Sorrentino. Find release in your breath, know the pain of violence and choice, and wonder at the seduction of luxury and the lack of courtesy. Elaine’s poems range from lighthearted reminiscence to shadow filled rooms. Afterward, Elaine explores the inspiration for these works and shares the journey and joy of her upcoming, co-written book, The Girl Scout and the Hitchhiker. All audio, story, and poetry material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

Letters from My Beloved

Written by Sarah Butkovic

Narrated by Melissa Collings

When a new-to-the-neighborhood arrival receives multiple unstamped and wax-sealed letters, she embarks on a quest to reveal the true-identity of the author. Journey with her as she discovers the surprising truth. After the reading, we talk with Sarah Butkovic about her ongoing studies in English and her exploration of creative writing. More importantly, she reveals a unique aspect of her home that served as an inspiration for the story. All audio, story, and poetry material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

An Excerpt from Fake

Written by John DeDakis

Narrated by Meredith Lyons

Today’s show is a special edition where we hear an excerpt from Fake, a novel by John DeDakis. In the era of “fake news,” when facts are suspect and reporters are targets, White House Correspondent Lark Chadwick is thrust into the midst of a media-bashing frenzy. Fake is a real-life look behind the scenes at the ethical struggles of a female journalist in a #MeToo world walking the line between personal feelings and dispassionate objectivity – trying to discern the difference between what’s real . . . and what’s fake. After the reading, we talk with John about his background as a journalist, how he came to write a series with a female protagonist, and how the narrative spin by both supporters and detractors of the Vietnam War propelled John into journalism. If you’d like to learn more about John DeDakis or buy any of his Lark Chadwick series, head over to All audio, poetry, and story material are copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

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