A Sign from Above

Written by Gavin Boyter
© 2022 Gavin Boyter

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Gavin Boyter

Gavin Boyter is a Scottish writer and filmmaker based in London, England.  He’s the author of two books about long-distance running and adventure travel, Downhill from Here and Running the Orient and is currently at work on a collection of short stories and an absurdly complex time travel novel. He earns a crust as a copywriter and online content writer. Gavin is also the writer-director of the romantic comedy film Sparks and Embers, which was released in 2015.  He has two other screenplays in development, both psychological thrillers. To add more unnecessary challenge to his busy life, Gavin is writing a third running-related book, charting 50 different runs in his 50th year, from 5Ks to multi-day ultramarathons. He once ran 102 miles in a single day and is fueled by coffee and chocolate. You can reach Gavin at: